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Jumpstart your 2024 with this power-packed online course, taught by Victorious Living Solutions CEO, Dr. Nikeya Young.


Research suggests that 92 percent of people who set goals fail to achieve them.

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Setting goals is not enough.

Goal setting is important, but it's only the beginning!  How are you going to stay motivated and productive throughout the entire year?  

You have to take massive action in the first 3 months of the year. states that "the first quarter of the year can either be the driving force behind your business’s success or lead to a slow downfall for the rest of the year."  So how can you avoid a slow downfall in 2024?

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The good news is that people have a 65% chance of reaching a goal if they have an accountability partner.

THAT is why we created the Command Your 24 Official Online Course!

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Get weekly accountability.

With weekly assignments, activities, and an online community of like-minded achievers, it'll be hard to "fall off the wagon"!

Get constant motivation.

Each week, Dr. Nikeya brings a POWERFUL lesson, along with weekly live group coaching with cohort members.

Take a deeper dive into topics that build you up.

The assignments and activities are designed to help you show up as your best self in 2024, from the inside out!

Course Modules



Introduction / What Do You Want?


Get Yo Mind Right: Dealing with Limiting Beliefs


A Week That ROCKS!


Command Your Day!



Visualize It!




Vision Killers


The Battle of Consistency

Command Your 24 includes:

  • 8-week online course

  • POWERFUL weekly teachings

  • Weekly assignments

  • Command Your 24 workbook

  • Weekly LIVE GROUP COACHING session with Dr. Nikeya!

  • Access to private online community of like-minded achievers

  • 20% discount on all Victorious Living Solutions merch, events and future classes

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Nikeya Young, CEO of Victorious Living Solutions

Dr. Nikeya Young, Ph.D is DEFINITELY someone who knows how to take COMMAND of her life! She is a Best-Selling Author/Certified Master Life Coach & Board-Certified Mental Health Coach/TEDx Speaker/Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator/Ordained Minister/Podcast Host, and Entertainer. Dr. Nikeya is also an experienced subject matter expert for various media outlets (you may have seen her as a recurring guest on WGN's Daytime Chicago and News Nation). Through her transformative coaching company and podcast (Victorious Living Solutions), Dr. Nikeya uses her gifts, talents, experiences, and certifications to empower high-potential leaders to CRUSH their goals, despite life's challenges, and live VICTORIOUSLY!

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