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Saturday, January 6, 2024

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Jumpstart your 2024 with this power-packed masterclass, hosted by Victorious Living Solutions CEO, Nikeya Young.

Working at a Cafe

Are you tired of making Pinterest-worthy vision boards EVERY year...

only to be disappointed when December 31st rolls around and you haven't done HALF of the things that you envisioned when the year 1st began?

Working on a Computer

Are you a Mompreneur, CEO, Entrepreneur, or Go-Getter...

who is tired of living a mediocre life and is DETERMINED to take 2024 by the horns and CRUSH their goals?!?!

If so, then THIS Masterclass

IS. FOR. YOU!!!!


After attending this Masterclass, you will:


Be able to create CLEAR goals.


Create an ACTION plan for each of your goals.


Create a VISION board that is NOT just a "cute arts and crafts project", but one that EMPOWERS you each and every day!


Learn how to "remix" your thoughts so that you don't remain "STUCK" in limiting beliefs/negative thought patterns.


Walk away with the tools to effectively manage your "24" (we ALL get the SAME 24 hrs each day, but how we manage them determines how far we will go in life)!

Meet Your Coach

Nikeya Young, CEO of Victorious Living Solutions

Nikeya Young is DEFINITELY someone who knows how to take COMMAND of her life! She is a Best-Selling Author/Certified Master Life Coach & Board Certified Mental Health Coach/TEDxSpeaker/Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator/Ordained Minister/Podcast Host, and Entertainer. Nikeya is also an experienced, subject matter expert for various media outlets (you may have seen her as a recurring guest on WGN's Daytime Chicago and News Nation). Through her transformative coaching company and podcast (Victorious Living Solutions), Nikeya uses her gifts, talents, experiences, and certifications to empower high-potential leaders to CRUSH their goals, despite life's challenges, and live VICTORIOUSLY!

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